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Why is Italy so amazing?!...well...let's find out :)

February 9, 2017

Since is freezing outside, I decided to stay in bed to escape the cold and write about my perfect summer vacation. Don't you feel like is getting hot already?


So, one of the greatest countries that you could choose to spend you summer in is Italy. This country is great on so many levels , and even if you’ve been in one place in Italy that doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all.


This time I’ve chosen the areas south from Napoli and it was really a holiday to remember. The first thing that you need to know about this destination is that if you are looking for beautiful white sand beaches that is not the place to find them.  The mountains plunge into the sea creating an amazing landscape, the beaches are narrow and the sand…well there is no sand :)) it’s more like gravel  … but the view … the view  is so worth it.



If you are looking for your next summer vacation take  this into consideration and book it as soon as possible in order to get the best prices. Also in case you do not know a little bit of Italian I will recommend to bring a dictionary with you because otherwise it could be difficult to communicate sometimes.


First stop should definitely be Positano .This place is situated in a intimate golf accessed by  narrow streets with amazing views of the perfect blue sea . You can have a tasteful lunch at Il San Pietro di Positano, the restaurant is a little bit more expensive but trust me it’s worth every penny.





If you are passing by Vico Equense you can choose to go to “Il Bikini” to get a tan, the place is very clean and the view from the upper restaurant is unique. There dishes are amazing and I truly recommend their sea food risotto.



Another great restaurant with an extraordinary cuisine is Cerase and the prices are reasonably cheap compared to other places in the area. From their terrace you can see Vesuvius volcano and the sea filled with thousand of boats and yachts.

We all know that the Italians have the best ice cream in the whole world so if you are in the area you must go to “Gelateria Gabriele” for treats. You will not regret it, well …only your 2 extra kgs :)))


If you prefer to go to a pool instead of a beach you must go to Moon Valley. The only thing is that if you want to eat something at their restaurant maybe you will have to wait awhile because their staff is not  prompt.




Go to Italy...it is so worth it !!!





























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