Who am I?! Should I say … that’s one secret I’ll never tell? But I guess this is not the case. 

My name is Ruxandra, I live in Cluj Napoca the capital of Transylvania… isn’t that cool?!


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New passion for painting

August 22, 2019

Hello my dears,


I know I haven't post it here in a while, so I want to start by letting you know about a new passion that I have discovered. PAINTING.


I never thought I will do this in a million years let alone love it. When I was little I hated painting classes. I would have rather attend 10 hours of mathematics then one of painting and now I understand why. Because at this classes they didn't let us discover our creativity by painting the things that we would want. We had to do it "the right way" and paint trees or houses and, I am a rebel, I don't like telling me what to create. Painting is art, and is subjective from my point of view. The only place where you could say if it's right or wrong is in mathematics and even there is relative. But anyway, I have discovered that painting calms me down, makes me happy by creating something beautiful and unique. 

You will find bellow some of my work and hope you will enjoy it.


This is the first painting I made: The White Flower. It wants to reflect that we can always see the light in the dark. 














This is one of my favorite paintings ever. It wants to reflects serenity, calm and peace in a hectic world.





Which one is your favorite? 






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New passion for painting

August 22, 2019

Living in Zurich for 3 months

April 14, 2019

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