Who am I?! Should I say … that’s one secret I’ll never tell? But I guess this is not the case. 

My name is Ruxandra, I live in Cluj Napoca the capital of Transylvania… isn’t that cool?!


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Have you always dreamed of becoming a MODEL?

October 26, 2018

Hello beautiful people, 


Which one of you guys has always dreamed  to become a model, but because of the height or the weight or whatever didn't get the change, or worst didn't even try? Well, I have amazing news for you. Now you can. Now is the time. Now you can register for the TV Show called The Fashion Hero and come with me to beautiful Cancun to film Season 2 of this amazing show that is planning to change the face of fashion.


But first, let's talk about dreams. We all have dreams and most of the times we give up on our dreams because we are afraid about what people will think or we are afraid that we are not good enough. In this way, we live our life with regrets, thinking about how our life would have been, if we would have had the courage to follow our dreams. 


Since I always loved to pose, my dream during collage was to become a model. Even if I am 160 cm ( 5 foot 3 ) I wanted this so bad that I would go to different castings but I was rejected every time and it made me feel so bad. I never told anyone about this because I was so embarrassed. The only person that knew was my mom. But even so, I wasn't going to give up, so I had to figure out some other job that implies taking pictures and sharing my style, so being an influencer and inspiring people around me made sense. 


Is this the story of your life? Because it sure was mine, until 1 year ago when I had the courage to quit my 9 to 5 job, take out my safety blanket and jump into the unknown.


People around me were always inspired about the way I dress, girls would ask me for fashion advice or how to pose etc. But the blogging idea actually started after my first trip to Miami. Miami was an inspiration to me. That place was filled with happy, healthy and beautiful people. That place made me realize that real happiness comes from doing the thing that you love the most and being surrounded by people that you love. 



This is why I am so happy and proud to be part of the Season 2 of The Fashion Hero, a TV show that is changing the face of fashion and empowers real people. 


Did this ever happen to you? Have you always dreamed of becoming a Model?  Now is your chance. Register now on www.thefashionhero.com and you can be paired with me for the Season 2 of The Fashion Hero. Let's change the rules of this game, let's all have equal chances of becoming a Model even if we are not 90-60-90. 


See you in beautiful Cancun!








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