Who am I?! Should I say … that’s one secret I’ll never tell? But I guess this is not the case. 

My name is Ruxandra, I live in Cluj Napoca the capital of Transylvania… isn’t that cool?!


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Living in Zurich for 3 months

April 14, 2019

Hi again guys,


Sorry I haven't write in a while, I was just super busy with different projects, but I will try to let you know what I did in all this time.


Last year in September I moved to Zurich for about 3 months. All my friends asked me how it was and if it was difficult to adjust. The thing that, I think it was pretty amazing, was the fact that since the beginning I felt very good, I loved the city, the food was amazing. The best food I had in Europe, after Italy, I could say, and also I haven't felt like I needed time to adjust. Not even for a second. And here it is why. The city is very beautiful, you have this river crossing the city and also a lake right in the middle so it is just a wonderful place to live. The other great thing is the traffic. There is no traffic in that city and this was one of the things that I loved about Zurich. They have such a good public transportation that to have a car it is really a pain in the ...  You literally could be in any place of the city in less then 30 minutes. There is no other city in Europe that you can compare this luxury with. Maybe this is one of the reasons I felt so good there and I didn't need to adjust because it was just perfect. I have to admit I am not sure if I could live in a big city, like London for example. I love that city but it's just to much traffic and I don't want to waist my life like that.


I remember 2 year ago when we did a longer vacation to visit different cities and states and we had 8 fights in total and it was something like this: Cluj Napoca - London - Reykjavik - Miami - Mexico City - Cabo San Lucas - Los Angeles - London - Cluj Napoca. And the worst of the worst was in London. From the airport where we landed to arrive to the address where we stayed we took a bus, then a train, then the metro, and then we had to walk for another 15 minutes and in total it took more then to arrive from Romania to UK. This is just crazy.


But anyway, to stick to the subject, the downside of living in Zurich: it is super expensive, the people there smoke a lot and being a nonsmoker makes creating new friendships harder.   


I will let you know more about places where to eat or shop in the next blog post.


Have a lovely night,







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New passion for painting

August 22, 2019

Living in Zurich for 3 months

April 14, 2019

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