Who am I?! Should I say … that’s one secret I’ll never tell? But I guess this is not the case. 

My name is Ruxandra, I live in Cluj Napoca the capital of Transylvania… isn’t that cool?!


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Memories from Los Angeles

November 17, 2018

It's Saturday night and I am looking through some pictures from my vacation in LA from last year. I miss that place like crazy and I cannot wait to go back. Haven't been able to go this year feels to me like a year lost. Well...maybe I exaggerate...but just a tinny bit. If you have never been you should put it on your bucket list and this is not because you have so many things to visit, let's say like in Rome, because you don't, but it's that feeling...that feeling that I cannot explain. You have to be there to understand it.

I am that kind of person that wants to see the entire world with all it's beautiful places. I think that you should go in one place ones and then make plans for another spot. But something is different about LA. Something that makes me wanna go back over and over again. 

Maybe is the air or maybe the people. I don't know, but all I know is that next year I will go again no matter what.




Have you ever been to Los Angeles? How was you experience? I am looking forward to reading your comments.


I wish you a weekend feeled with love and happines,




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New passion for painting

August 22, 2019

Living in Zurich for 3 months

April 14, 2019

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